"It has now been just over two weeks since the procedure and I would like to let you know that I could not be happier with my decision to have this undertaken by you.

You were approachable, down-to-earth and reassuring, taking time to explain the procedure and offering after care support (which I did not need). The vasectomy itself was virtually painless and I was comfortable driving an hour home immediately afterwards. As instructed, I took some paracetamol once home but that was the last time I needed any pain relief. I was back at work the following day.

After one week any mild discomfort and internal bruising had completely disappeared and the small incision completely closed.

I have recommended you to my male friends and can only imagine how much more traumatic, risky and inconvenient having this procedure through my local NHS would have been.

So, thank you for dispelling the myth that consultants are unapproachable and arrogant – you were the exact opposite and it was a genuinie pleasure to meet you. I am now an active advocate or your ‘no scalpel’ method!"



"Six months ago I was at rock bottom with little quality of life, struggling to perform at work because of severe sleep deprivation, miserable, fatigued, and not a nice person to be around.

I had been suffering with ever increasing menopause symptoms for 18 months. I used to ask myself regularly how could something supposed to be natural make me feel like I have a terminal illness? My GP had said no to HRT because of a medical complaint that I believed to be questionable. My sheer persistence and non acceptance of the decision took me on an amazing journey. I met Dr. Tina Peers. I was listened to and made to feel that I was right to expect quality of life. I was thrown a lifeline -  Dr. Peers gave me my life back.

I was started on HRT immediately, monitored and followed up with individual interest and concern. Within 3-4 weeks of treatment  my symptoms had all but disappeared. 5 months down the line life is great, home life is back on track, I sleep normally am happy and look forward to a long life. I belong to a gym again and have taken up rowing. I have Dr. Tina Peers to thank for her care and attention and giving me my life back."