For over 10 years Dr. Peers has been using her own, less invasive vasectomy technique, which is very similar to the 'No-Scalpel' technique.

She feels that her technique is superior as it has resulted in a haematoma rate of zero, less post-operative pain or discomfort and a very low incidence of post-op infections, as the operation is carried out through a 3mm tear in the scrotal skin.

She has now completed over 3000 vasectomies using this technique.

Another rare complication of vasectomy can be post vasectomy pain syndrome, but using this technique the incidence is currently 0.03% (based on patient feedback).

Dr. Peers performs these procedures privately at North Downs Hospital Caterham, Gatwick Park Hospital Horley, and Clare Park Hospital Farnham.

NHS patients can access her NHS vasectomy clinic in a 'choose and book'. A GP referral is necessary only for NHS patients.

Appointments are 45 minutes for the pre-op counselling and the procedure, which is performed during the same initial appointment.

Dr. Peers also treats Low Testosterone Syndrome in men.

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